Andrew Young

Tetsuo Nakatsu, Ph.D.

Japanese Desk Manager

Scarsdale, New York
Ext: 154

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Dr. Nakatsu manages the Japanese Desk under Mr. Andrew Young, Managing Partner of the patent department of NLS, assists in client communication and coordination. He is fully fluent in Japanese and English and is experienced in US patent and trademark law from working and traveling extensively with attorneys to Japan, almost every year. Dr. Nakatsu has assisted in multiple presentations before well-known Japanese companies with the managing partner regarding many aspects of intellectual property (IP) law.

Dr. Nakatsu graduated from Tohoku University, Sendai Japan, with his doctorate in organic chemistry, worked at bio-venture company (Tokyo) and joined to Takasago International Corporation (Tokyo/New York) for many years, where he conducted research on a variety of bio-active natural products worldwide, including such as marine natural products, medicines, microbiologicals, flavorants, and cosmetic components. His research also included the organic structures and base compound chemistry in these fields. While at Takasago International Corporation, he further guided the development of the company’s first global communication system using then-novel internet, allowing real-time communication. As a result, he is comfortable in many technological fields and can easily assist with accurate technical translations.


Tohoku University, Sendai Japan
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Post-Graduate Studies: Scripps Institution Oceanography, University of California
Post-Graduate Studies: University of California Berkeley
Plant Natural Product Chemistry


American Chemical Society


Dr. Nakatsu has published more than 20 Peer Reviewed Papers in scientific journals, and is a named inventor on more than 25 patents in the US and Japan and holds several trademarks supporting his business interests.
He has authored hundreds of articles in the various local newspapers including in the Business News (a weekly Japanese language newspaper published in New York).

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